About Me

I am first a voracious reader; my interest in books spans broadly, including sci-fi, philosophy, biography, history and much more. I am a scholar; my Ph.D. training allows me to embrace scientific, skeptical, hypothesis-based and evidence(data)-driven thinking. I am a physicist at heart, peeling off the surface and searching for fundamental rules beneath. This extends beyond sciences – when fascinated with something, I dive deep without reserve.

I earned my Ph.D. from Neuroscience Graduate Program in University of Southern California. Do not waste your time reading my dissertation. I waited too long to leave the ivy tower for the real world.

I preordered Tesla Model 3. I prefer Android over iOS. I use Ubuntu and I love it. I use Latex for typesetting whenever I can. I pay more to subscribe Google Music rather than services in China because I almost never listen to Chinese songs. I am obsessed with a few musicals, including Hamilton, Mormon and Phantom. I tried to learn piano and enjoyed it for at least a year in graduate school; I will pick it up again soon. I like reading a book out loud: check out my channel at Ximalaya. When it comes to badminton, backhand is my weakest.

My Lifeview

I am conscious. My consciousness exists to experience. So the purpose of my life is simple: to experience, experience knowledge, human conditions, love and connections, physical activities, arts and adventures. Experience and wonder.

I aim to experience knowledge: I read and learn ancient wisdom, modern science, philosophy and religion; I practice math and stats skills to gain insight of knowledge. I aim to experience a wide range of human conditions: I read histories, stories, fictions and religion; I watch movies; I sympathize. I aim to experience love and connections: I appreciate the importance of family and friends; I am not afraid of being vulnerable because I want to love; I want to be a better man to be lovable, to experience being loved. I aim to experience the joy of movements: I play badminton, and enjoy it greatly; I maintain my health; I hope to attend a dancing class to further explore the joy of movement. I aim to experience the beauty of arts: I listen to music; I immerse myself into music deeply; I attended a piano class for beginners and I will pick it up after graduation.

To experience is easy, to experience the best is challenging. I love reading, partly because I think a good book is basically the essence of the author’s best experience. I am able to steal the author’s best experience simply by reading. Prior to trying new things, I search and study, intensely if I can, for the best way of doing it, for the best experience. Tourism is experience too shallow comparing to other forms, hence my lack of passion for tourism.

I am also aware that one’s chances to experience certain things are greatly related to his birthplace, family prestige and luck, so I am content with what life has to offer me, as long as I try my best.

My Workview

First, work (or part of it) shall provide a comfortable living condition for myself and my family. This is a necessity, but not the sole purpose.

Second, work shall be intellectually challenging but not unattainable. The work environment shall promote professionalism and encourage creative thinking. If the work is repetitive, try to implement a system to automate it, which by itself is intellectually challenging.

Third, work shall bring achievements and a feeling of fulfillment. The outcome of work shall be visible and concrete. It can be a physical product, a web application, a published article or book as an expression of ideas, or a tool to raise efficiency. It shall make some level of positive impact on others.

Fourth, good work shall respect truth and reality. A play of words like propaganda is not what I would like to do.